Skiathos is the closest to land Island from all Sporades Islands. Skiathos Island has dense vegetation and a variety of beaches with the most popular ones, Koukounaries, Banana, Small and Big Aselinos, Big Ammos, Lalaria, Bromolimnos, Kanapitsa, Tsougrias Island, Troulos, Agia Paraskevi, Mandraki, Kserksis port, Agistros, Small and Big Kehria, Big Gialos, Ksanemos, etc. In Skiathos’s city also resides the well preserved house of the Greek Litterateur Alexandros Papadiamantis (1851-1911) who was born and lived in that house. Also Mpourgie Peninsula divides the city’s seaport in two parts.


  • Skiathos Port

    0.5 km

  • Papadiamantis’ House

    0.5 km

  • Skiathos Castle

    1.9 km

  • Lalaria Beach

    4.6 km


  • Supermarket

    0.1 km

  • Restaurant

    0.1 km

  • Market

    0.1 km

  • Cafe/Bar

    0.2 km


  • Ocean/Sea

    0.3 km

  • Mountain

    1 km

  • Lake

    2 km


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